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CARENG for alumni & fundraising

Manage alumni relationships and fundraising with Advanced

A solution that delivers

  • Multi-level and personalised alumni relationship management, to target both the volume audience and unique individuals or entities
  • Membership management and subscriptions
  • Comprehensive campaign management with segmenting, profiling and ROI reporting
  • One-to-one and corporate fundraising, committed giving, Gift Aid processing and sponsorship
  • Event and conference management from planning and execution to follow up
  • Special interest groups, networks and online communities
  • Merchandising

AlumniAdvanced helps you to manage alumni relationships efficiently, increase return on fundraising activities and enhance your corporate image.

The CARENG for higher education Alumni & Fundraising module provides universities and other education establishments with a specialist solution for managing alumni relationships. It supports you in all related activities, from fundraising to running events to building online communities.

Powerful automation

The solution helps you to streamline and automate your business processes, improve service levels and foster a positive reputation. In automating many routine tasks, it frees your team to focus their energies where they will bring best return - providing a highly personalised service to alumni.

Integrated for maximum efficiency

Part of the fully integrated CARENG for higher education software package, the Alumni & Fundraising module helps you efficiently manage external communications and run effective marketing and fundraising campaigns. You’ll receive every assistance to maintain and develop strong and personalised relationships with your alumni community.

Out of the box functionality

CARENG for higher education Alumni & Fundraising supports alumni management with an extensive range of highly sophisticated tools for campaigning, event management, online services and financial processing. Featuring extensive profiling and activity recording, relationship history and automated responses, CARENG for higher education helps universities provide excellent customer service, segmentation, and multi-level reporting and analysis.

The module clearly differentiates between the requirements of high volume database marketing and the strictly personalised approach that corporate supporters and major donors require. Excellent, illustrative relationship mapping in CARENG for higher education Alumni & Fundraising means that universities can review all the relevant relationships of data entities in order to more accurately target the right audiences.

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