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IntegraNG - market-leading membership database software

Integra is the most widely-used membership system in the UK, giving thousands of users the tools to efficiently streamline their administration, improve membership management, cut costs and develop strong, personalised relationships with their stakeholders.

  • Integrate your website and back office
  • Improve services to members
  • Reduce membership attrition
  • Lower costs and grow revenue

IntegraNG builds on the success of Integra to help membership organisations to maximise revenues across the organisation and engage with a new generation of members.

It offers an ever-expanding portfolio of modules covering the whole spectrum of not-for-profit functionality, as well as major technical innovations, such as...

  • Benefiting from advances in Microsoft technology, IntegraNG incorporates the .NET Framework architecture to allow rapid development and integration into other systems
  • In-built extensibility enables the solution to be extended and customised while still staying true to the standard platform for simplified maintenance and upgrades
  • Multi-channel capabilities enable IntegraNG to be deployed across a range of media options, such as websites, email, mobile applications... and support the work of your digital marketing team


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